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Bonfire Garden Display Pack

Bonfire Garden Display Pack

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One of our best-selling DIY garden display packs, 28 top quality fireworks from top brands including Celtic Fireworks, Primed Pyrotechnics and Kimbolton Fireworks.

Top-quality 1.3g fireworks will truly fill the night sky with a variety of effects.

  • Star Tracer Rockets (Pack of 5) - Fire at random throughout
  • Moonshot Rockets (Pack of 10) - Fire at random throughout
  • Glittering Gemstones - Long lasting fountain
  • Flash Harry
  • Magneto Burst
  • In the money
  • Russian Roulette
  • Happy Shepherd
  • Hanky Panky 
  • Mix it up
  • Dong Ding
  • Double Dynamite
  • Styx
  • Victoire
  • Wick@ Sick Fan

Plus included FREE OF CHARGE

  • 18" Large Gold Sparklers (2 Packs)
  • Portfires for easy lighting

*PLEASE NOTE, we reserve the right to withdraw this offer or to make substitutions on any of the items contained in this pack. Please be assured, that if we do have to make substitutions the item(s) will be of equal or greater value"

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